Mantra-In-A-Bottle (custom)

Mantra-In-A-Bottle (custom)

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What's YOUR Mantra?

Feel the empowerment when you WEAR YOUR OWN MANTRA. Printed and sealed inside a glass bottle and adorned with the charm of your choice. 

The perfect gift for any heart that could use encouragement and motivation, including your own!

Choose between:

SMALL - 1” bottle / 18" handmade silk-beaded necklace and charm of choice.
LARGE - 2” bottle / 30" handmade silk-beaded necklace, semi-precious stone connector and charm of choice.

Write your personal mantra message & charm request in a note along with your order. All mantras will be printed on a kraft paper scroll unless otherwise requested. 

Every order comes with a larger copy of your mantra as an additional keepsake. All bottles are SEALED and not meant to be opened. This item is specially hand-crafted with love. Please handle with care.

Some charm ideas...

  • Butterfly

  • Peace sign

  • Star

  • Heart

  • Wing

  • Key

  • Anchor

  • Om symbol

  • Flowers

  • Inspirational words (inquire within)

Don't see a charm you like? Make a special request, and we will do our best to get it for you!  Thank you!

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